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Here are any stamps showing athletics.

Because my wife and I like Tennis- und Formula 1 we show this athletics more than other :-)


Mika Häkkinen Mika Häkkinnen Formula-1 Champion


Anja Fichtel Anja Fichtel Fechterin
Annegret Richter Annegret Richter Sprint
Heike Henkel Heike Henkel Jump
Armin Hary Armin Hary Sprint
Heide Rosendahl Heide Rosendahl Jump
Josef Neckermann Josef Neckermann Horse-riding
Heike Drechsler Heike Drechsler Sprint
Ulrike Meyfarth Ulrike Meyfarth High-jumping
Michael Groß Michael Groß Swimmer

Korea (North):

Katarina Witt Katarina Witt Ice-Dancing
Koreanerin / Ivan Lendl /
Steffi Graf / Boris Becker
Koreanerin / Ivan Lendl /Steffi Graf / Boris Becker Tennis-Champions


Ayrton Senna Ayrton Senna Formula-1 Champion
Michael Schumacher / Damon Hill /
Jacques Villeneuve / Gerhard Berger
Formula-1 Pilots


Boris Becker and others Boris Becker und andere Tennis-Champion
Boris Becker Boris Becker Tennis-Champion
Martina Navratilowa Martina Navratilowa Tennis-Champion

Central afrika:

Steffi Graf Steffi Graf Tennis-Champion
Michael Schumacher (Benetton) Schumacher Formula-1 Champion

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