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window colors

here a few early works from Manuela and her daughter Franzi:

Snowmen Schneemann Schneemann Schneemann
Xmas Weihnacht Weihnacht Weihnacht
candlelight Kerze stars Sterne
moon Mond sun Sonne
Hummel Hummel    
butterfly Falter butterfly Falter
dalmatiner Dalmatiner bambi Bambi
flowers Blumen Blumen Blumen
fruit Obst pumpkins Kürbisse

Pictures from 31. March 2004
flowers windowcolor - flowers flowers with butterfly windowcolor - flowers with butterfly
easter eggs windowcolor - easter eggs dolphins windowcolor - dolphins
rabbit colouring egg windowcolor - rabbit colouring egg duck colouring egg windowcolor - duck colouring egg
frog windowcolor - frog birds windowcolor - birds
at the 9. of April - Photos in the rooms
ducks windowcolor - ducks duck windowcolor - duck
fish windowcolor - fish dolphins windowcolor - dolphins
praying hands
(on a mirror)
windowcolor - praying hands kitchen-window windowcolor - kitchen-window

April 2004

new motives
fruit windowcolor - fruit flowers windowcolor - flowers Ela "working" windowcolor - Ela "working"
frog windowcolor - frog frog windowcolor - frog Ela "working" windowcolor - Ela "working"
duck windowcolor - Duckwindowcolor - Duck flying goose windowcolor - flying goose flying goose
(on the transparent)
windowcolor - flying goose (on the transparent)

and here my own work ;-)

lighthouse windowcolor - lighthouse merry fish windowcolor - merry fish letter pidgeon windowcolor - letter pidgeon
jet windowcolor - jet rabbit in the airplane windowcolor - rabbit in the airplane    

Some Tipps to window colors:
Colors best mix, result in cloudy structure and do not look not so beautiful. Collecting mains at best in scanning, on DIN A4 increased expressions (best in each case outlines), this sheet into a foil put, then one knows the outlines on the foil also black descendants. Paint the surfaces with color after drying then.

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